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Pony Therapy

We run Pony Therapy sessions either to encourage disabled people to get used to ponies or as a therapy in its own right. You can be with Little Splash, Ellie or Tonto.

We can offer our Quiet Corner where you can sit and watch a pony from a safe space and hear him eat his hay. One of our volunteers can talk to you about the pony and answer any questions.

When you feel comfortable, you can touch the pony and feel how soft and warm his coat is; a caring and sensory experience not to be hurried. We can even give you a brush to groom the pony with.

Beyond that, you can try leading the pony with a volunteer holding a second lead rope or reins. This encourages exercise, talking, safe handling and relationship building. As confidence develops we can introduce a safe obstacle course to lead the pony round or go out on a walk through the local woodland.

Finally, we can train you in long reining where you have a pair of reins and walk behind the pony in the arena with a qualified Coach and Volunteer leading. Long reining is good exercise for the pony and driver!

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Pony Therapy participant of Dial Wood and taking part in one of our sessions, please complete the application form below and e-mail or post to us using the details here.

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